MPS State Intervention Lifted, Superintendent Dr. Ann Roy Moore Reacts

MPS has been under state intervention since February of 2017.

At the time officials voiced concern with the school systems finances, student achievement, nutrition and transportation.

Since the state took over, MPS has a new Superintendent, and many new faces on the school board.

MPS was cleared from state intervention after nearly five years on Wednesday.

“Now we move forward with how we are supposed to teach and how students are supposed to learn as opposed to being concerned and worried about all of the negative things that were out there,”says MPS Superintendent Dr. Ann Roy Moore.

Part of meeting the requirements included MPS doing an internal audit.

That audit  revealed hundreds of thousands of dollars in misused funds.

Once the process was completed the results were made public and the responsible parties were held accountable.

For MPS, now the focus is on improving on recent successes.  Dr.  Moore says MPS has increased training, professional development, and improved culture and climate in MPS schools.

“Over time i think if you just continue to follow those processes, you don’t have to worry about as a school system going backwards, that’s not in the plan at all.”

MPS will also receive a much needed boost in funding=when the County’s ad valorem tax increase goes into effect in 2023.

“We’re not waiting for October 2023. Were putting plans in place to look at our buildings to make assessments about our buildings and the conditions they are in so were going to have a real good capitol plan.”

MPS’s rise from state intervention was so successful, that it is being used as a case study.

The school system must maintain academic progress, have a month of financial reserves, and maintain other requirements to keep an acceptable status.

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