What the Tech? App of the Day: Ada

We’ve all asked that question when we’re not feeling well: “should I see a doctor or just take two aspirin and get some rest?”

The app, Ada might not be able to give you an official diagnosis but it could save you a trip to the doctor.

Doctor appointments can be expensive even with insurance and while you want to hear the doctor say “it’s no big deal”, it’s tough paying that deductable for nothing.

ADA was developed by doctors and medical professionals to help people decide if they need to schedule a doctor’s appointment. No real person sees your symptoms or information.

Ada is a chatbot. The first time you use Ada, it’ll ask for some information about your general health such as if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or another health issue.

Then it asks for the symptoms you currently have, to get a fair idea of what you have. It asks some of the same questions the nurse practitioner would ask. Do you have a sore throat, are you sneezing, how long have you had the symptoms.

After getting enough answers, ADA uses artificial intelligence to show you the most probable ailment. What most people have with those symptoms. ADA also suggests what you should do next. Over-the-counter medicine or schedule a doctor’s appointment.

The more you use Ada, the more it learns about you and your health. It is highly reviewed, is updated regularly with security and privacy updates and ada says your data is encrypted and isn’t shared with third parties.

A chatbot could be the difference between a waiting room filled with sick people, or taking over-the-counter cold medicine.


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