43rd Annual Holiday House Underway in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The 43rd Annual Holiday House is now underway in Selma.

Holiday House is a Christmas tradition — that kicks-off the Christmas shopping season in the Queen City each year.

Wal Holidayhouse1207 VoThe event is a two-week long — combination craft show –and bake sale.

It features hand-crafted and home-made gift items — from dozens of local vendors.

Holiday House is located at 622 McLeod Avenue in Selma.

“We actually have more space than we had at the Performing Arts Center. And the people that come to shop just like the feeling,” said Coordinator Candi Duncan.

“Last year, when we had it here they were pleased that we had so many individual rooms. Because, if they were scared of being in a room with somebody because of the COVID virus, they could just move to another room.”

Holiday House runs through December 18th.

For additional information call — (334) 412-8550.

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