More than 300 People Shot in Montgomery in 2021

It’s been an active year for gun violence across the nation and in Montgomery.

According to MPD data as of December 9th 2021, there were more than 320 reports of persons shot this year.

Last year Montgomery had 68 murders. That number was surpassed in early December.

Of those 320 plus shootings, 74 were ruled homicides.

In those 74 murders police have made arrest in 54 of the cases.

For Montgomery County, the numbers are much more tame.

The Montgomery County Sheriffs office reports crimes that happen outside of Montgomery City limits, but within Montgomery County.

As of December 2, 2021 the Montgomery County Sheriffs Department reports 24 acts of gun violence. 1 Capital Murder, 1 Murder, 4 Assaults, 2 suicides, and 16 cases of illegally discharging a firearm.

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