City of Prattville Hosts Senior Health Fair for their Elderly Residents

The City of Prattville had a special event held for the senior residents.Screen Shot 2021 12 17 At 30711 Pm

The Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce held a Senior Health Fair. Local senior citizens were able to come by and see all the amenities, resources, and services that are provided for them in the surrounding area.

The Membership Director of the Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce, Matthew Trest, had this to say about why they held the Senior Health Fair.

“The booths that are represented here, anywhere from fitness classes to hospice care, home helpers or care givers, so it’s just a little bit of everything,” stated Trest.

The Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce partnered with Baptist Health and Home Helpers to organize the Senior Health Fair.

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