State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris Takes a Look Back at 2021

During this year, Alabama has faced many highs and lows as we entered another year in the pandemic.

While taking a look back at 2021, ADPH State Health Officer, Dr. Scott Harris says Alabama has seen the pandemics peak, ICU bed shortages, blood shortages and more.

“[At one point this year] if you were in a car accident or needed to go to a hospital,” said Harris, “it wasn’t always sure there was a place that you could go.”

Alabama is still one of the lowest rated states when it comes to COVID vaccinations, and Dr. Harris says he and his team has done their best to stay consistent in pushing Alabamians to get protected.

“Were one state, one group, were Alabama,” said Harris, “were all on the same team, we all need to help take care of each other.”

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