Magical Christmas Toy Drive Inspires Giving in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Magical Christmas Toy Drive inspires an 11 year old boy in Selma — to create a toy drive and giveaway of his own.

Aydan Evans has collected dozens of Christmas toys to hand out to children who are less fortunate than he is.

Wal Toydrive“I thought like, if they woke up and didn’t have nothing they’ll be sad cause they’ll see other people waking up with stuff,” said Evans.

So he wrote a letter about what he wanted to do. And his mom put it on facebook.

The community responded. And people started dropping off toys at his dad’s car wash business.

Aydan came up with the idea — after seeing coverage of the Magical Christmas Toy Drive on our air.

“The news reporter came on talking about a toy drive. And he was like mom what is that? What are they going to do with the toys? And I told him, those toys are collected for less fortunate kids. And he was like, Oh, I want to do that. Can we do that?” said Marquita Thomas Evans.

They says the toys that are collected — will be handed out on Christmas Eve.

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