PAL Exercise Program Targets Black Belt Senior Citizens

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

An exercise program geared towards people 50 and over — is encouraging people to stay physically active.

The Physical Activity for Life (PAL) program encourages African American senior citizens in the Black Belt — to engage in physical activity — to improve their physical and mental health — and quality of life.

PAL participant Carrie Bush McFadden of Uniontown — is 95 years old.

She’s one of seven senior women — who participated in the 8-week program.

Wal Seniorexercise Pkg“It’s good for me. If you sit down and don’t do anything, you get stiff. And you don’t want to do anything,” said McFadden.

The group met three times a week at the Uniontown Rec Center — for an hour-long work out session — on zoom.

“Doing it through zoom was actually pretty fun,” said Personal Trainer Karla McCoy of Jacksonville, Alabama.

“It’s very different working with seniors because for one, they have limited mobility. But the purpose of the program is to improve that. We work on flexibility, we work on endurance. And we work on strength, and cardio.”

McCoy was in Uniontown to meet the ladies — and to conduct the last work out session in-person Thursday morning.

“I just thought it would be nice to meet each other this way,” she said.

Group members plan to continue working out together — even after the program ends.

“We want to continue doing it and hopefully we’ll be able to pull others in,” said Henrietta Jones.

“All of us know others that need to just get out of the house, get out of the refrigerator, get up off that sofa.”

Program participants also received free Fit-Bits — to monitor their physical activity.

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