What the Tech? How to Find Last-Second Christmas Gifts

It can be an awkward moment at family get-togethers or Christmas with the neighbors. That moment when you’re handed a gift from someone, and you didn’t get them anything.

No worries these days. Just grab your smartphone and buy a gift that can be delivered to them almost instantly.

Sure they may have a subscription to Spotify, Apple Music or another streaming music service, but there’s something about getting a record album that you select just for them.

Apple makes this simple for iPhone users. In the iTunes store app, just browse through the tens of thousands of albums and pick the one you’d like for them to have.

At the top right corner of your selection is the share button which opens a menu where you’ll find “Gift”. All you need to do is enter their email address to have the digital download sent to them. You can choose to send it immediately or pick a time for later.

You can purchase and gift books and movies through the iTunes store as well. But if they use an Android device it’s a little difficult to play iTunes downloads. It can be done, but there are a few tricks and hacks they’ll need to accomplish.

Unfortunately, Google Play doesn’t offer the option to purchase specific music albums and movies as gifts.

Do they love Broadway shows and live performances? A subscription to BroadwayHD will be a surprising delight. This app and streaming service offers hundreds of plays, documentaries, musicals, live concerts, and more. You can gift them a monthly membership for $12/mo or a full year for $130. www.broadwayhd.com

A Cameo from one of their favorite celebrities is a gift they’ll talk about for a while. Cameo partners with hundreds of celebrities who record personalized video messages that are sent to the receiver’s phone.

Prices vary based on the popularity and degree of “famousness” of the celebrity. Some high-profile celebrities will record a 3-5 minute personalized message for around $500 while some will record a video for under $100. There are actors, musicians, athletes, reality show contestants, wrestlers, game-show hosts, and people who are famous just for being famous.

Since these are personalized messages that need to be recorded, a quick turnaround isn’t always possible though some celebrities are offering a 24-hour wait time. There’s a Cameo Santa Claus who’ll record a personalized message for anyone for about $30 that can be delivered before Christmas is over. www.cameo.com

Subscriptions to streaming services are a popular choice as well though you might find out what they already subscribe to. Gift subscriptions to Apple TV, Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, and others are available for gifting. A Disney+ subscription can be gifted for $80 for a year. Disney+ gift subscriptions cannot be redeemed by current subscribers.

These digital gifts are fairly easy to send, you may just have to excuse yourself from the room for a couple of minutes. Their email address is also required.


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