Why are People Shopping Right After Christmas?

Christmas has come and gone, but what is bringing people back out to the mall?

Even with Christmas over with this year, people are still gathering at the mall for different reasons. We went to Eastdale mall to ask people why they are back out shopping right after Christmas.

Christmas brings people back to the stores for multiple reasons. One of them being returning or exchanging gifts they received for the holiday. Since most people ordered their gifts online this year, many stores are accepting returns of online purchases.

Some people were out because they wanted to start spending their gift cards they received, while others were ready to take part in the after-Christmas bargains. Many of the stores in Eastdale mall have special year ender sales that start after Christmas. One of those stores being Bath and Body Works that had their big sale starting.

One Eastdale Mall shopper, Veronica Jackson, had this to say about why she was in Eastdale Mall right after Christmas.

“I went to Bath and Body Works because their semi annual sale started today, so I wanted to stock up on some items that I was kinda low on so that’s one reason i’m out today,” stated Jackson.

Even shoppers like Harrison Hunt only came out to Eastdale mall to look around for some new shoes.

“My shoes are pretty worn down so I’m just getting a new pair,” stated Hunt.

There are many stores in Eastdale mall that will be having big year ender sales that you can still catch before the end of the year. You can visit Eastdale mall’s website to see all of the sales going on right now and when they end.

So, whether its for returns, year ender sales, or even just buying something that caught their eye, many people are flooding back to the stores before the new year.

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