Selma City Leaders Look to Clean Up the City

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The city of Selma has some new equipment — and a new garbage ordinance — to try make the city a cleaner place to live — and visit.

Selma city leaders are making a push — to clean things up around the Queen City.

So, the Public Works Department has been able to get a bunch of new equipment — to help make it happen.

Wal Selmacleanup Pkg“We have side cutters, we have knuckle boom trucks, we have street sweepers, we have litter vacs, we have back hoes, we have excavators,” said Director Henry Hicks.

“We’re excited about where we’re headed with everything right now.”

Hicks says COVID slowed the delivery of the equipment — but now a lot of it is here. However, Hicks says the clean-up effort won’t be successful — unless residents get on board.

“We cannot do it without the help of the citizens of Selma. We gotta say that hey look, we’re not going to live in filth, we’re not going to live with paper all up and down the street, we’re not going to live riding down the street throwing stuff out our cars onto the side of the street,” said Hicks.

“It’s all about community pride,” said City Council President Billy Young.

Young says the recently passed garbage ordinance — will also help the clean-up effort.

The ordinance makes having garbage service the responsibility of property owners instead of tenants.

Young says a cleaner Selma — will leave visitors with a better impression of the historic city.

“When we have tourists come to Selma, we want to put the best foot forward. And the best foot forward for Selma — is a clean Selma,” Young said.

The city council passed the ordinance on December 14th, it goes into effect 90 days after that.

Director Hicks says his department is waiting for six more pieces of equipment — to help with city beautification.

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