What Are Your 2022 New Year’s Resolutions?

A new year brings forth many plans for the future. One time honored tradition is making New Year’s resolutions.

People have been doing this tradition since the holiday began.

Since most people say a new year gives the opportunity to create a new you, we went around the River Region to find out what your 2022 resolutions are.

We asked Lily Leung if she has any resolutions to which she stated that she has multiple.

“It’s almost like you’re setting a goal and you’re trying to meet that goal and you’re gonna determine whether you met it at the end of the year or not,” stated Leung.

Whether it’s a plan to exercise more, cut out bad habits, or save up money to treat themselves, New Year’s resolutions are an opportunity for people to make a change in their lives for the New Year.

The General Manager at Planet Fitness, Johnathon Ned, sees resolutions as something that can be healthy.

“Bad habits they’re trying to break, stress through everything we’ve been through these last few years,” stated Ned.

Alabama native singer and songwriter Cameron DuBois also said that resolutions can be life changing.

“Whether it’s just changing one thing in your routine,” stated DuBois. “Getting up extra early, working out. Just one little small thing can make a big difference over time.”

Most people carry on the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions, but not everyone has the desire to make one.

Aaron Aranas had a different opinion on New Year’s resolutions.

“I feel that you shouldn’t make a change based on the calendar year, you should make the change whenever you need to or want to,” stated Aranas.

Henry Lincoln Myers II believe that resolutions are great but only if you can finish them.

“Don’t make resolutions that you don’t feel you can keep,” stated Myers.

So, some people stick with their resolutions and are excited with their results. While some set goals too high to achieve and fail their resolutions. While others don’t have any resolutions and are satisfied without them.

Whatever the case may be, the new year is just another day for people to keep moving forward in their lives.

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