ADPH Gives Update on Alabama’s Rising COVID Cases

COVID cases have skyrocketed in the last 2 weeks, mostly because of the fast spreading Omicron variant. The Alabama Department of Public Health held a press conference to discuss the state’s current COVID status.

State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris said that Alabama has had a record high of COVID cases this week compared to this time last year. The high cases of COVID has landed every county in the state in the red zone for high transmission rates of the virus.

41 Alabamians have died from COVID on January 3 alone and Dr. Scott Harris believes that with how fast the new variant spreads, everyone in the state is likely to catch the virus at some point despite their vaccination status.

“It will infect everyone in the state at some point probably, or most of them,” stated Dr. Harris. “So, we really need people to do the single mostScreen Shot 2022 01 04 At 44136 Pm important thing they can do to protect themselves which is to be fully vaccinated and boosted when its appropriate to do that.”

Upon leaving Dr. Scott Harris’ press conference at the RSA Tower, we took to the streets to ask people where they think we stand with the virus. We talked with Scott Marshall as he was out walking with his family.

“It’s out there and we just all have to get immune to it so we don’t get so sick from it,” stated Scott Marshall.

However, with only half of Alabama’s population vaccinated, the Omicron variant has been spreading like wild fire across the state. We asked Stacy Whitehurst and Cheryl Marshall how they felt about the low vaccination rates in the state.

“Every time they ask us to get a booster shot, I’m gonna get it,” stated Whitehurst. “I have to protect not only just myself, I have to protect my family, my loved ones, and even the community. So, I’m just gonna take precautions, I’m just gonna do whatever the doctors tell us to do.”

“If you don’t want to get the vaccine then that’s your choice, you’ll get COVID most likely but that’s still a choice that you have to make,” stated Cheryl Marshall. “It’s a personal decision.”

Dr. Scott Harris also wants people to stop comparing COVID to the flu, since he states that COVID is ten times more deadly than the flu.

He also wants to urge people to stop going to the hospitals for a COVID test. He states a better option is to go to a county health department where they offer tests at some point every day.

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