Alexander City Family Seeking Answers in 27-Year-Old Cold Case Murder

In December of 1994, 15-year-old Chanty Shiverdecker was last seen at basketball practice at Radley Elementary. Now 27 years later, her family and authorities are still searching for answers.

The Shiverdecker family is holding onto hope that they may find some answers since the disappearance of the high school sophomore.

She was supposed to call her brother, Chris, to pick her up, but she was never heard from or seen again.

“There’s always got to be someone who knows something,” Chris Shiverdecker said.

Her remains were later found in Coosa County.

The now cold case continues to be under investigation by both the Alex City Police Department and the Coosa County Sherriff’s Department to find a culprit and cause of death.

“Its been a group effort and continues to be a group effort because we want to see this case resolved, and we want to see closure,” Michael Howell Coosa County Sherriff said.

The family isn’t giving up either. Chris Shiverdecker said its hard to go on with life and make peace with a situation like this when you don’t even know who to forgive.

“The anger and pain that you feel, you may be able to start to work past that if you know what its directed towards.”

Central Alabama Crimestoppers is now offering a $5,000 reward for information in the case. Investigators still believe that someone is holding information.

“Before, maybe the person was afraid,” Alex City Police Detective Drew Machen said. “They wouldn’t release any information then, but now they possibly could because its been so long. Maybe they have overcome their fears.”

The Shiverdeckers say if such a person comes forward, although they may not be able to understand, they will hold no resentment. They’re looking for justice for Chanty and healing for themselves.

“Part of our lives, a large part, is defined by that event,” Chris Shiverdecker said. “So, its conclusion would be much appreciated.”

The governor also issued a proclamation in 2017 for a reward if anybody comes out with information. If you know anything, call the Alex City Police Department at 256-329-6746 or Crimestoppers at 215-STOP.

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