Reaction from Interim Police Chief, Mayor to Shooting Inside Bama Lanes

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Bama Lanes bowling alley, 3020 Atlanta Highway in Montgomery – Photo from Alabama News Network

Interim Police Chief Ramona Harris and Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed have issued statements on the shooting inside Bama Lanes early Sunday morning that left one person dead and six injured.

Police say they were called to the bowling alley around 1 a.m. Sunday. That’s where they found 21-year-old Jeffery Reed of Montgomery dead of a gunshot wound. Police have charged 23-year-old Tory Johnson with murder, two counts of first degree assault and four counts of second degree assault.

Statement from Interim Montgomery Police Chief Ramona Harris:

“Based upon the investigation, there was a verbal altercation between parties inside that  turned physical leading to the shooting. There was a Montgomery Police Officer on  scene, working in an Off-Duty capacity along with a Private Security Guard employed by  the business. Within seconds of the shooting, the Police Officer and other patrons  rendered first aid to the injured and the Officer called for back-up. While other patrons  were exiting the business, it is believed the shooter fled the scene at that time.  

“This was an isolated shooting incident resulting in multiple people being injured and one  person being killed due to reckless behavior with a firearm. We appreciate the  community coming forward with assisting in the identification of the offender and  rendering first aid – ordinary people acting in an extraordinary way. On behalf of the  Montgomery Police Department, our condolences go out to the families directly affected  by this tragic offense.  

“As we progress into this new year, continuing to battle gun violence with currently 4  homicides, I want the citizens of Montgomery to know that we are not in a hopeless  state…The Montgomery Police Department continues to invest in and expand  technological resources that will help combat gun violence. We are also placing even  more emphasis on community engagement through outreach and awareness that will  hopefully change and have a positive influence, on the culture and mentality that we are seeing today.”

Statement from Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed:

“Our thoughts and prayers are not enough today — they never are in instances like these. Thinking and praying for those affected by this weekend’s violence will do nothing to stem the tide of loss in our city and across the country due to gun violence.

It doesn’t matter the number that are shot; just one victim is far too many. As mayor, we will continue to do everything in our power to stop the violence. We have established an office of violence prevention, and we are investing in community based programs; but we are also hiring more officers, increasing patrols and expanding the technology footprint to assist us in combating this trend of violence.

“Yet we need the help of our entire community to truly be successful in addressing and ending violent crime. This is not MPD’s watch alone; it is our watch. If you see something or know something, then you have to say something. Those grieving can rest assured knowing that, as mayor, I will use my position to ensure those responsible for this crime are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”


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