Civil Rights Memorial Center Re-Opened after 2 Years

Many Civil Right museums in our area are seeing a wave of people coming in for the Martin Luther King Holiday, including the Civil Rights Memorial Center that had it’s grand re-opening after being shut down for almost 2 years.Screen Shot 2022 01 17 At 63835 Pm

The Memorial Center is now open to the public. It’s been closed for renovations since March 2020 and now features a new design. The museum now has many interactive exhibits and displays that help give guests a more immersive experience into the history of the Civil Rights Movement.

The Director of the Civil Rights Memorial Center, Tafeni English, had this to say about the museum being open in time for MLK Day.

“With today being Martin Luther King holiday, in the past people visit the museums because they want to reconnect to the history and to the legacy of who he was and who he was to the movement,” stated English. “So, we knew that we would have an influx of visitors today who were attending the parade later today or they were at the ceremony at the church earlier and so it’s just been beautiful seeing the people flow in.”

The Civil Rights Memorial Center is open during the week from 9am to 4:30pm.

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