Social Media Post Sparks Racial Tension in Marengo Co.

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A social media post sparks controversy — and causes racial tension in the Marengo County town of Sweet Water.

Some black people are upset about a Facebook post that suggested hanging people in public — as a way to stop crime.

“I’m concerned about the racial and divisive language that was used in this post,” said Mercadez Whitted.

A guidance counselor at Sweet Water High responded to the post in agreement. And that has some black residents — calling for her removal.

“As an educator she can not have those type of views publicly displayed. So, I really feel as though she should not be able to work in the school system with the students, especially as a guidance counselor,” said Whitted.

“Her agreement makes her complicit.”

Although there was no mention of black people in the post — and it contained no racial slurs — or the word lynching, Whitted says the post clearly sends the wrong message to people.

“It tells them that it’s okay to go and hang someone. And that’s not okay.”

Superintendent Luke Hallmark issued a statement regarding the matter.

“It was thoroughly investigated and found there was no intention of the employee’s post to be directed to a particular gender or race. However, concerns regarding social media postings were and will continue to be addressed.”

“I don’t think that she has displayed this type of behavior in the past,” said Whitted.

“But as an educator and a professional, you can not display your political and social views on social media.”

Sweet Water High School has about 600 students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

About 55 percent of them are white — and about 45 percent are black.

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