State Legislators Get to Work on Allocating $650 Million Plus in Coronavirus Funds

On Wednesday, Alabama legislators began the special called session on allocating more than a half-billion dollars in American Rescue Plan funds.

In the governor’s proclamation to legislators, Gov. Kay Ivey is directing the Legislature to appropriate more than $443 million dollars to deliver pandemic related healthcare and services, expand broadband connectivity throughout Alabama, improve  access to clean water though water and sewer infrastructure projects and provide tax relief to employers by replenishing the Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund.

Another $136 million is to be used to facilitate telemedicine, assist rural hospitals, expand broadband network access and to deliver pandemic related healthcare and related services.

The last directive from Ivey is to appropriate $191 million for capital projects.

Both Democrats and Republicans seem to be in approval of the proposed legislation with House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels (D-Huntsville) saying, “If the bill is carried as written, I don’t see any opposition.”

Across the aisle, lawmakers are in agreement that these funds are being used for priority needs across the state, and fairness, equity and transparency are vital.

Alabama is set to receive another round of ARP payments later in 2022.

The state must allocate the funds by 2024, and have projects complete by 2026.

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