High Profile Feud Leads to Million Dollar Lawsuit in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Selma Attorney and long-time former state senator Hank Sanders — files a million dollar defamation lawsuit against Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson.

The lawsuit filed against Jackson — was not in his capacity as District Attorney.

Wal Sandersvjackson Pkg1 The suit stems from a $200 dollar political ad that Jackson bought in the Bridge Crossing Jubilee newspaper in 2020.

The ad was for Jackson’s wife — who was then a candidate for mayor in Selma.

Jackson claimed the ad never ran — and demanded his money back.

However Sanders’ wife and Jubilee Co-founder Faya Rose Toure — said the ad did run — then later produced a copy of a newspaper with the ad in it.

A copy that Jackson said was a fake.

“He compounded the matter by making all of these terrible charges,” said Sanders.

“He said “That’s fraud. That’s being crooked. She done stole more money than Jesse James.” I’m concerned about the reputation of my wife. But I’m also concerned about the Bridge Crossing Jubilee.”

Wal Sandersvjackson Pkg2Sanders also says he contacted Jackson about the matter — but never got a response — which left him with no other choice — but to file suit.

“I think what may have happened, he may have got a copy of what was done the year before. We gave him plenty of time for him to come forward. Plenty of time for him to apologize, plenty of time for him to retract all of these horrible statements. And he didn’t do it.”

We contacted Michael Jackson about the suit — and he had no comment.

The defamation suit includes both libel and slander.

Sanders said he would drop the lawsuit — if Jackson issued a public apology.

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