Meet Julianne Abenoja, Distinguished Young Woman of Alabama 2022

After a weekend of competition, a new young lady was awarded the title of Distinguished Young Woman of Alabama.

Representatives from all across the state come to capital city each year to vie for the title of Distinguished Young Woman of Alabama. They spend an entire week rehearsing before taking the stage for three competition programs, showing off their talents in various categories including talent, fitness, and interview.

Out of the 45 who competed this year, one stood out among them all. The title was given to Julianne Abenoja from Jefferson County.

“The entire night felt like a whirlwind,” Abenoja said. “I was running on pure adrenaline in the last performance, and it was just such a dream.”

She will go on to represent the state of Alabama in the National Distinguished Young Woman competition.

“I truly believe that every single one of those girls just strives for excellence in every aspect of their lives, and I’m so glad to represent them.”

Abenoja is thankful for her parents, ballet teacher, and the DYW chairman from Jefferson County for helping her get to this point. Its people like this who have taught her keys to success.

“The importance of sincerity and genuineness in everything you do. That hard work can pay off, you can strive for excellence in every aspect of your life, and you can achieve it. And even if you don’t, human connection and being genuine is the most important thing above all else.”

The new Distinguished Young Woman of Alabama hopes to inspire others during her time in this role, showing that young people can accomplish any dream with hard work.

“I hope to just spread the DYW word. Its about being your best self, being empowered, and being confident in yourself. I hope to spread that to young people all over Alabama and the U.S.”

Abenoja will graduate from Mountain Brook High School. She is still undecided on where she will attend college but plans to study medicine.

The National Distinguished Young Woman competition will take place June 23-25 in Mobile.

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