Hank Sanders to Seek His Former Seat in the Alabama Senate

From the West Alabama Newsroom — Former state Senator Hank Sanders of Selma has announced that he will seek his former seat in the Alabama Legislature.

Sanders says he has qualified for the Democratic Party primary for State Senate District 23. That seat is currently held by his daughter, Sen. Malika Sanders Fortier.

“Senator Malika Sanders Fortier, who is my daughter, decided that she will not run again for Senate District 23,” Sanders said in a statement. “When I served in the Alabama Senate, expansion of Medicaid was a critical focus for me. While Senator Fortier was in the Senate, Medicaid Expansion was a great focus for her. That is unfinished business. So are other critical issues.”

Sanders held the seat from 1983 until he decided to retire in 2018 after serving nine terms, with his daughter being elected to replace him.

The former senator said these are more critical times in Alabama and around the country. And his 35 years of experience in the state senate — is needed now — more than ever.

“I know how to get things done in the senate. I know how to work with people in the community to get things done. So, it’s important that we keep carrying on trying to get get these critical things done,” he said.

Senate District 23 covers all or parts of these counties: Dallas County, Wilcox County, Perry County, Monroe County, Marengo County, Lowndes County, Conecuh County, Butler County.

The Alabama Primaries are May 24.



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