More money for superintendent? Business community to back MPS superintendent search

Montgomery Public Schools is searching for a new superintendent, and some in the business community say they are willing to pay up to get the right person.

The Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce has asked to have input in the superintendent appointment process as they say it is the most important economic decision the city is facing right now. Chamber president and CEO Anna Buckalew believes this decision has the power to either positively or negatively impact the economy.

“From an economic development perspective, there is no more critical decision facing our community right now than this search for a new superintendent,” Buckalew said.

The school system directly effects recruitment of new businesses, retention of industry, and growth of population. It is also crucial to support military families in the area.

The current salary range in the search is $190,000 to $235,000 a year.

“Lets not limit ourselves,” Buckalew said. “If the best person out there is a salary that maybe we aren’t thinking right now, then lets think about what does it take to get excellence.”

Business leaders are willing to step up financially to make the role attractive to the right person.

“If the ask is made of community leaders to step up to make a difference to make it attractive to come to Montgomery, Alabama, then there is a community partnership and coalition that will work together to make that happen.”

Buckalew believes finding a good superintendent is the next step towards progress for the school system following the passing of the property tax referendum and the plans that are in the works for updating school facilities.

“This is the third step: the leadership of the next generation. What’s next for MPS? How do we move into the future? How do we become the Montgomery we know we can be?”

The chamber believes its crucial for the community to show their voice in this superintendent search. They’re encouraging parents, the business community, and all Montgomery county residents to speak out on January 27th as MPS holds a public forum at 5:30 in the Carver High School auditorium.


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