Omicron Cases of Covid 19 Are On The Rise at The Start Of The New Year

Dr. Harris says that there are over 29 hundred inpatients around the state of Alabama and that hospitalizations have now surpassed peak numbers from the delta and other variants last year. The number of positive Covid 19 cases in the state are also the highest they have ever been.

“There is new guidance that the CDC issued a couple of weeks ago that really just spoke to how infectious the omicron variant is. This is an incredibly infectious variant. It can hover in the air for a long time it can affect people after they have left the room and somebody else then comes in the room.”

The variant is infecting both vaccinated and the unvaccinated people, and since it has mild symptoms most people are unaware they are even spreading it.

“We have had a couple of days where our numbers have been slightly down compared to last week. Sometimes that’s a reporting issue just from the weekend or you know maybe they actually are going down. we know that some states that surround Alabama are starting to see numbers decline and in other parts of the country they clearly are declining so were hopeful but its just a little early to say for certain.”

“We do see people who are infected with more than one disease the so called “flu-rona” where people have influenza as well as COVID-19 infection, you know you can get infected with two things at once which is unlucky but you know honestly not that unexpected.”

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