COVID-19 Exacerbates Poverty Problem in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

COVID-19 continues to make the hunger problem in high poverty areas like Selma — even worse than it was before the pandemic started.

The city of Selma tops the list of cities in Alabama with the highest percentage of people living in poverty.

Wal Foodgiveaway0127 Fox PkgAccording to — 37.6 % of people in Selma live below the poverty line. A number COVID-19 appears only to have made worse.

“It’s grown a lot. I find that we have more people coming for not just food now, they’re coming for clothes. And they’re coming for prayer,” said Lula Harris.

Harris is the director of the Temple Gate Community Center in Selma.

A drive-thru food pantry was held at the center Thursday morning. And more than 250 families were served.

“First of all, I’m serving God. And He wants me to serve His people. Whatever they need we’ll give it to them. If you add it up or whatever it’s over a thousand people.”

Wal Foodgiveaway0127 Pkg2L.C. Pickett drove thru the pantry to pick up boxes of food for some of his elderly neighbors.

“I think it’s nice they doing it like this here. Cause it sure help them folks,” he said.

Temple Gate Community Center is one of the dozens of agencies — the Selma Area Food Bank uses to get food out the people who need it.

Jeff Harrison is the SAFB Executive Director.

“We do our mobile pantries around town through our various agencies. We’re just so grateful that we can do this job and be able to help folks — and get over these tough times,” said Harrison.

“We keep trying to work our selves out of a job and hope one day we can.”

For more information about future food giveaways is available at

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