Local Kindergartener Receives Surprise Letter From the President

A local kindergartener is proving that you’re never too young to make a difference and even got the attention of the White House.

It’s said that even the smallest voice can make a difference and thats why Joanna Santana, a kindergartener at Bear Elementary, is speaking up. Last fall, her class learned about what it takes to be a good citizen including the dangers of smoking.

“It can hurt the person, and it can hurt other people,” Santana said.

So, she went straight to the top to search for a solution. With the help of her mom and sister, she sent a letter to President Biden.

“I didn’t like smoking, and thats what I wrote it about,” Santana said. “It can be harmful to children’s lungs.”

To her family’s surprise, he responded on December 8, 2021. President Biden thanked Joanna for expressing her concerns and encouraged her to continue speaking up about things she is passionate about, passion that is sparked by her teacher, Mrs. Gills.

“We talked about how the people like the president were once in kindergarten, and he thought about rules and things that he wanted to change,” Joanna’s kindergarten teacher Paula Gills said.

Joanna wants to inspire others through this action.

“She doesn’t take a simple answer,” Gills said. “She wants to know when, why, how, and how many. She goes above and beyond.”

The kindergartener believes anyone can have a voice.

“Step up even if you’re big, small, or any color,” Santana said.

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