Peach Park Says Peach Crop Is Looking to Get Adequate “Chill Hours” This Year

The recent weeks have seen some cold days and nights. This may not be ideal for you, but at Peach Park in Clanton they are hoping for those low temperatures as they rely on the winter months in order to have a good peach crop.

“Chill hours is what we call them, and that’s below 45 degree temperatures,” Peach Park owner Mark Gray said.

Their beloved peach trees need chill hours as they lay dormant over the winter.

“If we don’t get the chill hours, and that has happened before, then the peach production is not going to be good.”

The goal is to reach 1000 hours in order to have the biggest and sweetest peaches, and they want all of those hours by February 15.

“That’s really when they quit counting. So, that’s what we’d like to see is enough by February 15.”

Right now, their peaches are sitting at about 750 chill hours. They are optimistic that we will see low enough temperatures over the next weeks to reach the checkmark.

“That’s pretty much in line to where we were at this point last year, so I think we will end up looking pretty good.”

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