Local Pastor Reflects Growing Up in Civil Rights Montgomery, Black History Month

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: The Lilly Baptist Church’s, Pastor Thomas E. Jordan, has been serving the city of Montgomery for over 50 years.

Jordan says he was inspired at a young age by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who baptized and later ordained him as a minister.

“When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. came to Montgomery in 1954 I think I may have been 9 years old,” said Jordan, “I saw a very impressionable young preacher who had come to our congregation and I would sit and listen to him week after week.”

Jordan was baptized by Dr. King in the height of the modern civil rights movement, and was inspired to make a change in his community.

He says he struggled with the decision on returning to his hometown to preach, but it was the strength and wisdom of the civil rights leaders that helped him get to where he is today.

“I think as a young minister and having the philosophy of social justice mixed in with the christian religion,” said Jordan, “As was the case with Dr. King all of this had a great affect upon my ministry here in Montgomery.”

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