Pike Road Schools Welcome South Korean Student Teachers in New Program

The teacher shortage has been causing problems across the nation but Pike Road schools had a new idea on what to do.

23 South Korean student teachers have come to Pike Road schools to study teaching in their new program.Screen Shot 2022 02 04 At 34530 Pm

Pike Road schools partnered with AKEEP, the Alabama Korea and Education Economic Partnership to have South Korean interns travel from Korea to Alabama to study how to teach in America. The interns will mostly be teaching STEM classes which include math, science, and technology. This is a pilot program for the interns and will help them get their certificates so they can teach in the state.

“They’re learning how each school is different,” stated Brittany Payne who is the K-12 Outreach Coordinator for AKEEP. “Each class is different, each teacher is different, each student is different. They’re really enjoying their selves and really engaging in learning from this culture and for Alabama it’s just a great way for us to grow.”

The program has the interns at Pike Road Junior High School and the High School. They are also placed in the Montgomery Public schools: Floyd Middle School and Brewbaker.

The program started last summer and if you’d like more information about it, you can reach out to AKEEP.

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