“Get Your Valentine’s Orders in Early,” Florist Urges Because of Supply Chain Issues

Flowers are a Valentine’s Day staple, but it might be harder to get that special someone in your life their favorite flowers this year.

Erica Honaker owner of Bloom Floral Design in Pike Road says the pandemic placed a strain on the floral industry.

“Flower farms had to shut down, and that meant a loss of blooms on their farms,” Honacker said.

As people begin having events again and demand for flowers heats up, the supply has yet to catch up.

“We’re just slowing trying to recover from that and now catch up with the huge demand of people who are ready to get back together; and are ready to get married, have events and birthday parties, and send flowers to loved ones.”

She says if you’re looking to get the classical bundle of a dozen red roses for someone special this year, you may have to opt for something else.

“You might have to get six of them and then mix it in with some pink and some whites simply because of the fact of the supply and getting peoples’ hands on that many red roses is a little challenging.”

Bloom has been preparing for Valentine’s Day for weeks, taking orders and making sure they have enough stock. To be safe, Honaker says to get your flower orders in early because you don’t want to leave your sweetheart disappointed.

“The sooner the better because no one ever wants to tell somebody we can’t make your order happen and now you’re flowerless.”

Honaker also said the prices of flowers have steadily increased throughout the pandemic, so you may find that your valentine is more expensive this year than before.

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