Auburn Students React to Tuesday’s Loss, End of 19-Game Win Streak

DOWN goes the Tigers!

In a double over-time loss to the Arkansas Razorbacks, the Auburn men’s basketball 19-game winning streak breaks.

“Losing our very long winning streak and Potential for losing our number one ranked spot it’s not that great,” said Robert Compton, student at Auburn University.

The Tigers loss 80-76 in Tuesdays game, giving them their second loss of the season. The last loss was in November against UCONN.

Though students say they’re not worried about this loss, and the team will bounce back.

“No need to worry,” said Nick Tenbrunseo, student, “We got Bruce Pearl and we got a heck of a team so wait till March.”

Head coach Bruce Pearl recently signed an 8-year contract and will be with the Tigers at-least until 2030.

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