Montgomery Chief Investigator Celebrates 30 Years of Service

For his 3 decades of service, a Montgomery County investigator was given the recognition he so deserves.Screen Shot 2022 02 15 At 23643 Pm

The Montgomery County DA Office held a surprise celebration for Chief Investigator Michael Thomas. This was to celebrate his 30 years of service and many accomplishments he has provided in the city.

Thomas was the Montgomery DA’s first black Chief Investigator when he was sworn in back in 2015. He was also named Alabama District Attorney’s Association’s ‘Investigator of the Year’ back in 2014.

“I am humble about that,” stated Chief Thomas. “It was not easy getting to this point where I am. What I wanted to do is just to keep that high standard of being a chief investigator, especially being the first black. I want to try to continue to do that and represent the whole community as a whole.”

Thomas stated that his 30 years of service would not be possible without the support and effort from everyone in the Montgomery DA’s Office.

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