Annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee in Selma Turns 30

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

It’s about two weeks before the annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee kicks off in Selma.

And organizers say the event has changed over the last few years — and not just because COVID-19.

Wal Bridgepre0216 Pkg 1Organizers say the Jubilee is no longer just about commemorating the past. They say now — it’s also a call to action.

They say the right to vote — is under attack in the country. And it’s crucial for people to get involved — to fight the current effort to limit — and suppress voter participation.

“So we have to come together. And we have to come together in force and show that we will not accept this,” said Dr. James Mitchell.

“And the theme of the Jubilee this year is — Fight for the Vote,” said Faya Rose Toure.

The four-day event is March 3rd through 6th.

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