What the Tech? Love “Wordle?” Give These Games a Try

Even if you haven’t played Wordle, you’ve probably seen your friend’s posts of these gray and yellow boxes.

The worst thing, or maybe the best thing about the puzzle game “Wordle” is you can only play once a day.

Whether you play or not, these Wordle clones may give you something to do If you don’t have a way for words:

Primel is for math nerds. Guess the 5 digit prime numbers. I hear this one is tough even for math nerds.

Worldle is a challenging geography game. Guess the country of the day by its shape. Each incorrect guess tells you how far away you are.

More than a dozen word puzzles similar to Wordle. Lordle is for Lord of the Rings experts.

There’s StarWordle to guess words from a galaxy far far away.

Squirdle is Wordle for Pokemon fans. Taylordle is a puzzle game for Swifties, guessing song names and lyrics from Taylor Swift. Jewdle is wordle for Jewish culture. Helps to know at least a little Yiddish and Hebrew.

Sedecordle is an almost endless wordle puzzle, guessing not one but 4 words at the same time.

If you’d rather stick to Wordle, but it isn’t difficult enough. Try Absurdle that changes the word of the day with every guess. Words are eliminated after each guess. Until only one word can be formed with the remaining letters. So the word of the day for you, won’t be the word of the day for someone else.

Absurdle is super challenging so you better bring your A-game. Just because you can share your results on Facebook and Twitter, doesn’t mean you should. It’s annoying to some of your friends. I have links to these and more Wordle clone games on my blog, whatthetech.tv

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