Dr. Ann Roy Moore Answers Questions About High School Merger

In the beginning of the year, MPS announced they were merging Sidney Lanier and George Washington Carver High School. Monday, school officials had conversations about what this merger is going to look like and when it will happen. Since the Lanier High School building is in such a bad state, MPS officials decided it was best to close down the campus instead of pouring in over $70 million to fix it.

“In order to accommodate our students who currently attend our schools, not the ones who attended 50 years ago, the kids who currently walk into a building that that building needs to be in really good shape and it should not be substandard even if its 100 years old.”- Dr. Ann Roy Moore

Right now there is no set plan for the merger, but superintendent Dr. Ann Roy Moore spoke about potentially having the students merge one grade level at a time so that some students who started at Lanier, may still graduate from Lanier.

“Were working on the process of how were going to do that to make it the easiest transition but we don’t expect that the 2022-23 school year which is next year that we’ll have any major changes.”

Dr. Moore stated that the merger can happen as soon as the 2023-24 school year so this upcoming school year will remain the same. She also said they may also plan to expand carver’s campus by creating a 9th grade wing to help new students transition into high school.

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