How Are This Year’s Elections Having an Impact on the Legislative Session?

All 140 legislators in Alabama are up for election this year, and according to Alabama News Network Political Analyst Steve Flowers, this will play a major role in the outcome of proposed bills.

The Alabama Legislature is tackling some big bills including permitless carry, gambling, and school choice.

Flowers says gun advocate groups have pushed for the permitless carry bill for several years. He believes it may pass this year because it is an election year, an Alabama is a Republican majority legislature.

The school choice bill which could give Alabama parents state funds to send a child to private school is sponsored by Senator Del Marsh from Anniston. He has pushed for the bill for years and isn’t running for reelection.

“That’s why he’s trying to pass it in his last year in the session,” Flowers said.

Gambling, which was a headline of the last annual session, has yet to be proposed this year. Flowers says in order for it to get momentum Governor Ivey would need to bring it up in a special session. However, she is currently running up against eight other Republicans to keep her seat.

“It make her reluctant to do it until she’s after her primary. So, I don’t see it coming up in the regular session.”

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