Butler County Superintendent Speaks Out About Greenville’s City School Board Idea

More debate over splitting the Butler County school system. Many Greenville residents and parents are worried about the potential of splitting up the school system, and butler county school officials say they are not in favor of this change. The board held their regular monthly meeting where they briefly touched on the subject of the city of Greenville wanting to create a city school system.

Superintendent Eisland says that he understands the worries that parents have but that they should understand that no official decisions have been made by the city or by the Butler County Board of Education. He says what the board cares about most is the students.

“This Board of Education, this superintendent, and this administration is about the 29 hundred kids in this district about their well being their health their safety and about their success”- Joseph Eiland, Superintendent

If the city chooses to take action to create their own school system. The Butler County School Board does not have the ability to stop them.

“Negotiations will occur should the city decide to move forward with this idea this venture, that’s when we start the process”

The school board is planning to have a work session on Thursday March 10th, at the Greenville High School auditorium at 6 pm and the public is encouraged to attend.

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