Troy Univ. Professor Shares What it’s Like for Family in Russia

Michael Slobodchikoff, political science professor at Troy University, says he’s in contact with his family in Russia every day as Russian President Vladimir Putin leads an invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

His grandparents were the first to leave the country after the revolution, and as an American, Slobodchikoff describes what it’s like for his family still left in Russia.

“Regular Russians are very upset,” said Slobodchikoff, “they feel like the U.S. is not taking them seriously and not taking their concerns seriously.”

The professor says he knows its important to understand the facts of everything going on right now, because there is tons of misinformation out right now.

He teaches that to his students and shares his personal opinions with them.

“I think its important to delineate between cultures, people, governments and policies, and I have never felt any uncomfortable aspects growing up here in the United States of Russian descent.”

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