Montgomery County DA’s Office Honors Female Employees for their 3 Decades of Service

With March being Women’s History month, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office honored a few of their longest serving employeesScreen Shot 2022 03 02 At 31802 Pm Wednesday afternoon.

Jo Ann Dodson and Bessie Pace-Watkins were honored for serving over 30 years at the DA’s Office. Both these women have played crucial roles in the success of the DA’s Office over the years.

The keynote speaker at the event was former District Attorney Ellen Brooks who has served many years with the women being honored. Brooks has made history herself as she is the first woman in Montgomery County to hold the position of District Attorney.

“This office is a very special place,” stated Brooks. “I was the first female attorney hired here and I became the first female director of white collared crime, first female chief deputy, and then the first female district attorney elected by the people of Montgomery County. So, that speaks a lot to me.”

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office is proud of all of the women on their team and the examples they are setting for future generations.

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