Dalraida Church of Christ Packs Supplies for Ukranian Refugees

There are many organizations that are gathering resources to send to Ukraine in their time of need. The Dalraida Church of Christ has coordinated relief efforts in 15 states and 2 foreign nations for the people of Ukraine.Screen Shot 2022 03 07 At 30437 Pm

The church have collected family buckets and personal hygiene bags that will be sent through neighboring countries to help Ukrainian refugees. The supplies will be packed up and shipped out March 8 at 9 am.

Even after these supplies are sent out, the church will still be coordinating more supplies that are to benefit the women and children that have fled Ukraine. John Kachelman, who is a missionary of the Dalraida Church of Christ, stated the church will continue to help Ukraine with relief efforts.

“We are responding to the cries and pleas for help there,” stated Kachelman. “The number of refugees is enormous that’s coming out of Ukraine fleeing Russia. We have folks that are in position and they already have actions going on on the Polish side and also in Ukraine in the western part. We also have action that is taking place in Romania and Hungary at this point.”

If you want to donate, the Dalraida Church of Christ would like donations of hygiene bags aimed toward women and children. Visit the Dalraida Church of Christ website to find out where you can donate to help the people of Ukraine.

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