Selma Tour of Historic Homes Returns with New Name

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A 46-year annual Selma tradition — returns in a new way — following a two-year COVID-related hiatus.

After more than four and half decades — the annual Historic Selma Pilgrimage — is no more. But it’s only because organizers — are now calling the event — the Historic Selma Tour of Homes.

Wal Selmapilgrimage Pkg2“Selma has the largest historic district in Alabama and we’re very proud of our preservation efforts here,” said Annabelle Bone.

“It’s just to bring awareness to these beautiful homes and the craftsmanship of the day.”

The tour is once again an in-person event this year — that will include indoor tours — at each of the venues.

“We are glad for that,” said Greg Bjelke.

“Cause the last year we didn’t allow people to go in and we just had to give outside tours, porch tours as they call it. So, now everybody can get inside and look.”

Wal Selmapilgrimage Pkg1A dozen sites are listed on this year’s two-day Tour of Homes event — March 18th and 19th.

Nine houses — two museums — and a church are featured — including examples of Romanesque — Colonial — and Greek architecture.

“We’re starting Friday night, six o’clock in Orrville at the Dunaway House,” said Bjelke.

“There will be heavy hors d’oeuvre, adult beverages for the evening. And then it picks up Saturday morning at ten, for an all day tour of homes from 10 to 4.”

“There are a lot of home tours, pilgrimages, that showcase these older structures around the state. But I think ours is one of the best,” said Bone.

“Just cause we have so many to choose from. So you’re not looking at the same houses every year.”

The Historic Selma Tour of Homes is presented by the Selma-Dallas Co. Historic Preservation Society.

Ticket information is available at

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