Selma Residents Share Their COVID Memories

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

This Sunday will mark two years — since Alabama recorded its first case of COVID-19.

Since then — the virus has impacted nearly everything we do.

Melinda Fancher of Selma says she’s never seen anything — like the COVID pandemic. And she’s not alone.

“I mean, you go to bed one night and things are one way, you wake up the next morning and your whole life has been changed,” said Fancher.

Victoria Cleveland of Selma — says she didn’t think the pandemic would last this long.

“The last two years just have been a disaster,” she said.

“Wearing masks for that last two years, it’s horrible. You barely can breathe. Hopefully, it’ll just blow over and everything will just get back to normal.”

Wal Covidmemories Fox PkgThe COVID-19 pandemic — has had an impact — in almost every aspect of life.

“You couldn’t go anywhere. It was so many restrictions, so many people sick. It affected so many people,” said Fancher.

“I had the COVID, I was down for four weeks. I was in the hospital, but I was very blessed, and came through it — which a lot of people didn’t.”

Eighty-eight year Marie Bearden of Selma is a COVID survivor.

“I had COVID and I’ve never been as in sick in my life. I was on oxygen for two weeks. And I still don’t feel like I got my strength back. And it’s been over a year,” she said.

The longevity and severity of the pandemic — has some people wondering if things will ever go back — to the way they were before.

“I think it’s going to be around for a while. Now, I really think that it’s going to be kind of like the common cold. We’re going to have to take a, like a flu shot. Gon’ take it ever so often, once a year. I think that’s where it’s gon’ be,” said Reginald Moore.

“I’m not gon’ to be intimidated or afraid of no sickness or anything,” said Kairy Crum.

“Cause when it’s my time. It’s my time.”

COVID testing and vaccines are available — at several location around the city.

According to the Alabama Department of Public Health — more than 45,000 doses of vaccine — have been administered in Dallas County.

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