MMFA Seek Community Involvement for ‘Got the Power: Boomboxes’ Sculpture

Boombox Sculpture

This is an example of what the Boombox sculpture will look like once it is made.

You’re probably starting to do your yearly spring cleaning to throw away unnecessary items in your home, but don’t throw everything away. Some of it may be used in a new art project at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.

New York artist, Bayete Ross Smith, is constructing a boombox sculpture called “Got the Power: Boomboxes” that will be displayed in the MMFA garden. The art museum is asking the public for donations of boomboxes and cassette tapes throughout the month of March. The boomboxes do not need to be in working condition since they will be put together into the 14-foot tall piece.

Along with the sculpture, Ross Smith will collect stories from Montgomery Residents and their favorite songs to form a playlist which will be broadcast from the art piece. The Curator of Art at MMFA, Jennifer Jankauskas, states that Ross Smith’s reason for using boomboxes in his sculpture is to symbolize the culture of Montgomery and how it has changed over the last few decades.

“It’s a symbol of urban culture, popular culture, and how we interact with music and also each other,” stated Jankauskas. “I think playing music out of a boombox is very different from listening to something solitary in your ear. So, it really is this culture of sharing music, sharing stories, and being together.”

Boombox and cassette tape donations can be taken to the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts until March 31 and the sculpture is expected to be completed by May 21. If you want to be a part of the boombox project construction, go to MMFA or visit their website for more information.

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