Prattville Baker Raises Money to help Native Country Ukraine

Yulia Childers was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine and now lives in Prattville to operate her bakery Wild Yeast Kitchen.

She is raising money through donations of baking a famous Ukrainian bread, Palianytsia. She is sending the proceeds to the Ukraine to help with the needs of her native country.

Per Childers:

We are collecting at the Montgomery Curb Market (1004 Madison Avenue) on Saturdays, look for Wild Yeast Kitchen booth. We will be collecting for another 2 weeks, and then take the supplies to the shipping facility in New Jersey. The information about this project can be found here:
Medical supplies: over-the-counter pain meds, ibuprofen, tylenol, aspirin, acetaminophen
Triple-antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone, gauze pads, band-aids, burn-gel.
We do accept monetary donations to purchase additional supplies and to cover the travel and shipping cost
Donate: you can donate to Red Cross for Ukraine, Doctors Without Borders,
Razom for Ukraine (Together for Ukraine)
United Help Ukraine
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