Inaugural NFL Alumni Youth Camp Taking Place this Summer in Montgomery

A big youth camp is coming to the Montgomery area this summer.

The first Alabama/Auburn NFL Alumni Athletic Youth Camp will be taking place in the City of Montgomery during the second week of June.Screen Shot 2022 03 28 At 50135 Pm The camp is being hosted by S.A.F.E. Youth Camp Coordinators.

The 3 day camp will be more than just focusing on football for the campers. The kids will learn about crime prevention, bullying, and other ways to better themselves and the community. Many Montgomery Native NFL players will be coming back to take part in the summer camp and mentor the 6 – 18 year old kids. S.A.F.E. Co-Founder, Eugene Thomas, stated that the NFL players involved in the camp can help these kids with situations they know about first hand.

“I want to try to keep an opportunity open for the kids to have a voice that they can hear and understand coming from those, either mentors or coaches and athletes/former players who have actually been in the same situation they’ve been in,” stated Thomas. “To express and show them how they should address these issues or actually help them overcome some of the issues that they actually faced.”

Many people in the Montgomery are have already paid over $5,000 in sponsorships for the local youth to be able to attend the camp.

Registration for the camp is due May 10.

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