What the Tech? App of the Day: GetUpside

Along with GasBuddy which we’ve already checked out, GetUpside is a popular smartphone app claiming to help save money at the gas pump. Here’s the idea: use the app to find special gas deals where you can save as much as 25-cents per gallon.

Using your location, GetUpside shows you service stations it partners with to offer savings. Many of the biggest gas companies are included, but not all of them. Depending on where you are, you may see only a handful of stations.

The app says there are 36 offers near me. Almost all of them are Shell stations, offering as much as a 12-cent discount. But I’ll have to go out of the way for that biggest discount offer.

Here’s where math helps: getting 10 gallons I’d save $1.20 but factor in the fact I’d need to drive an extra 4 miles means I might burn more gas than I’ll save. The nearest savings is 6-cents per gallon.

So I’d save 60-cents on that 10-gallons. The app doesn’t take the money off at the pump, it adds it to my GetUpside account and when it reaches $15, the money is deposited in my bank account or Paypal.

The problem stations participating in the rewards programs don’t always have the cheapest price, to begin with, so you may save more by going to a different station whose price is less than the price through the GetUpside discount.

To get the cashback, I’ll need to scan and upload the receipt when I’m at the pump. At some stations, you can check in through the app to get a discount. Another step to save 60-cents.

GetUpside isn’t just about gas, it also has cashback offers at restaurants of about 7% which counts toward my GetUpside savings. Some grocery stores are also listed, but not in my area.

Most have their own rewards programs and don’t participate in GetUpside. And that’s what this app is. A rewards program.

Does it work? Yes. Is it as good as it sounds? Maybe not. Still, people who use it regularly do earn cashback. An extra $15 every few weeks or months is better than nothing right?

It all depends on how many stations and restaurants are participating in your area so as they say, you’re mileage may differ from what I found.


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