Hail Storm Leaves Extensive Property Damage in Linden

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The storms that rolled through west Alabama early Tuesday morning — caused a lot of property damage in the city of Linden.

Wal Lindenhail0406 Pkg The system produced a hail storm — that scared the daylights out of some residents — and caused extensive damage to vehicles.

“I don’t think we could take another hit like this,” said Kelly Anthony.

“It was just constantly, hard, heavy-hitting. And it was pretty scary,” said Connie Anthony.

People in east Linden were awakened out of their sleep — by the sound of a hail storm.

“It was very terrifying to hear all this loud noise, loud ice coming down you know, hitting the house, hitting the cars, hitting the windows,” said Connie Anthony.

Wal Lindenhail0406 Pkg2“And they was golf ball size, even larger sized,” said Kelly Anthony.

“So I knew at the rate that it was falling that it wasn’t going to be good afterwards.”

And it wasn’t.

The falling hail dented up vehicles — cracked windshields — and caused other damage.

“From the hood to the trunk, on the side. It busted the third tail light. The mirror.” said Anthony.

Ray Tolbert’s car looked like someone had been shooting at him.

“Look like somebody took a 12-gauge to it. The hail messed it up pretty good,” he said.

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