Voters Eye Candidates Ahead of Alabama Primary Election

Alabama’s 2022 primary elections are less than 6 weeks away, and voters are starting to hone in on candidates.

One Montgomery voter Alabama News Network spoke with says as the election intensifies, he is researching the candidates records.

” I’m watching the primary very closely. We’ve had record revenues for the state, and Im watching closely how the candidates propose to spend it.” says Bill Hill.

Political analyst Steve Flowers says says the race for Senate, is one of the most interesting and contested races in recent history.

“You’ve got an open U.S. Senate race, with three viable, well financed opponents,” said Flowers.

Flowers says incumbents like Governor Kay Ivey usually have a smooth road to re-election and he doesn’t see controversy there, but, he believes the U.S. Senate race will go to a run-off.

The latest polls show that Mike Durant and Katie Britt may face a run-off, with Mo Brooks finishing a distant third, but that can change.

The office of Secretary of State and Montgomery County District Attorney are also on the ballot.

Primary elections are Tuesday, May 24.


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