Local Barber Offers Free Haircuts to Homeless

Bj the barber has owned a shop in Montgomery for the past 5 years. Last month he says he felt the urge to go out and start offering free haircuts to the homeless.

Recently he has been gaining attention from residents who see Bj out in the community giving out free haircuts. In addition to the haircuts, Bj says he also will give food, water, and sometimes money to help the person in need.

He says that doing this has filled a void that once felt empty. He also says that people prejudge homeless people and that he has gotten the opportunity to find out how and why some of them are in the situation they are in, in the first place.

Bj encourages others to reach out a hand for those in need because he says you never know how you can impact a person’s life or how they will impact your life.

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