Selma High Cheerleader Wins Bryant-Jordan Scholarship

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A Selma High School student-athlete continues to rack up awards and scholarship money — as she finishes up a stellar senior year.

Saints head cheerleader Valencia Bryant won a regional Bryant-Jordan Student-Athlete scholarship.

“She’s a stand up student. I saw her coming in as a true freshman. I knew she had something special about her,” said principal Stoney Pritchett.

Wal Bryantaward0419 Fox PkgPritchett says Bryant works hard and gives maximum effort to every task. He says a strong work ethic — along with a can-do spirit — and a positive attitude — has Bryant on the road to success. And the sky’s the limit.

“If you put negative things out there, you’re going to get negative things back,” said Bryant.

“I like looking at the better side of things. Cause yes, there are bad things. And having a positive mind set doesn’t mean you ignore the bad things. It means that you just make the best of the bad things.”

Bryant says winning this award is important to her. Because it sends two strong messages.

First and foremost — it says — that even if you come from a small school that lacks resources — you can still do big things.

“It’s an obstacle, not a stop sign,” said Bryant.

And last but not least — it says — that cheer-leading is a team-sport — like no other.

“You have to train, you have to practice, everything that goes into every other sport,” she said.

“And then you have to put on a good face for your team while doing it.”

Bryant has been awarded about a dozen scholarships — totaling tens of thousands of dollars.

She plans to attend the University of Alabama — and major in Biology with a pre-med track.

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