Selma-Dallas Co. Officials Tackle Long-Time Tax Problem

From the West Alabama newsroom–

Paying property taxes is about to get a whole lot easier and convenient for Selma property owners.

Selma property owners have had to go to Selma City Hall to pay their property taxes. Then turn around — and go to the county courthouse — to pay county property taxes.

But that’s all about to come to an end this year.

Wal TaxfixProbate Judge Jimmy Nunn says starting on October 1 — property taxes for both the city and the county — will be paid at the county courthouse.

“It’s for the benefit and convenience of the citizens of Dallas County,” said Nunn.

“Out of the 67 counties of Alabama we was the only county that was operating differently,” said Tax Collector Tanika Wagner-Neely.

“So, that caused a lot of confusions –where we had people paying the city taxes and wasn’t paying the county taxes, vice verse paying the county and wasn’t paying the city taxes. So, that did cause a lot of issues. But we will no longer have that problem.

The move is an effort to eliminate confusion. And make the process of assessing and collecting property taxes easier — and more convenient.

“Having to call the county for one understanding, and having to call the city for another if they have property in the city limits, can be frustrating,” said Tax Assessor Carroll Bonner.

Which is another reason — why city and county leaders — were determined to fix the problem.

For more information call the tax collector’s office at (334) 874-2519 — or the tax assessor’s office at (334) 874-2520.

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